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About AppIgnition

AppIgnition is a Docker Desktop Extension that aims to make installing new Laravel applications a breeze with Docker containers! However, rather than having to build and configure your Dockerfiles, images, and containers yourself, AppIgnition already comes with several pre-configured containers to choose from. Save hours or days trying to find the right versions and configuration files for all of the software you need and get started building your next greatest idea in a matter of minutes!

AppIgnition Dashboard

Use Cases

  • Installing a new Laravel Application from Scratch

    Installing a new application with all of the required software becomes a breeze through containerization! Configure your environment and containers through an elegant UI, specify your application's dependencies, and finish the installation within 15-20 minutes without ever having to worry about installing local versions of the software you need.

  • Onboarding New Team Members for an Existing Application

    A common problem when adding new team members to your project is having to keep your onboarding documentation up to date. Moreover, it's possible for your new team members to join with different hardware other than what's documented. You can now simplify this process by having them install your existing application with AppIgnition and turn what was once a several day effort into a matter of minutes.

  • Running a Microservice Architecture.

    Simulate a realistic microservice architecture by installing multiple applications within the same workspace. These applications can seamlessly communicate not only with your containers' services but also with each other.

  • Experiment with New Tools

    Have you ever wanted to try out your application with a different database engine? Maybe you wanted to change the configuration of your web server to see if it has an impact on your responses. With AppIgnition, you can easily add or configure a new container to try out your theory without any reprecussions to your local environment.

  • Provide a Consistent CI/CD Pipeline

    AppIgnition can automatically generate the required configuration files to run your continuous integration in GitHub or CircleCI. With this, you will get much more consistent results with your local environment since it is using the same containers and configurations that you are.

About the Creator

With almost ten years of industry experience, I noticed a recurring pattern in the projects I worked on: limited focus on the development environment. This observation fueled my passion for enhancing efficiency, both for myself and others.

Starting off with crude installation scripts and playbooks, I eventually graduated to learning about the true power of containerization! However, if you're anything like I was, Docker can be a very intimidating piece of software. Despite years of learning and more to explore, I set out to build a tool that would not only take out many of the complexities with containerization but also provide software developers with a more inviting experience to learn about the world of Docker. Best of luck, and I hope this tool helps you on your journey to launch your next greatest idea!